Riviera 1
Many fans of Oceania Cruises have been requesting updates on our new ship, Riviera, which is scheduled to debut in April 2012. We are happy to announce that construction is right on schedule, and Riviera is really starting to take shape.

Riviera 2
You can already imagine how Riviera will continue to evolve into a ship of great beauty and elegance as the work progresses. 

Riviera 3
Riviera is almost structurally complete, and we expect her to reach her next big milestone in about three weeks, when she is floated for the first time.

Yes, Riviera will touch the sea for the first time and be moved from her building dock to the outfitting pier. While making sure she floats is extremely important, the bigger story is the official change from “construction” to “finishing work.”

Once she moves to the outfitting pier, thousands of contractors will start installing her exquisite hand-crafted interiors — a process that will take more than eight months. But then again, you can’t rush perfection!

The Oceania Cruises family is always excited to receive updates from the shipyard, as we are all eagerly anticipating Riviera‘s arrival on the scene. She is certain to follow gracefully in the footsteps of her sister ship, Marina, and be welcomed with equally wide acclaim. As Oceania Cruises’ founder Frank Del Rio likes to say, “There’s only one thing better than one new ship — and that’s TWO new ships!” 

Riviera 4
While we all await Riviera’s arrival, the beautiful ships in our current fleet continue to sail to intriguing destinations worldwide. If you follow the blog, you recently enjoyed stunning photos from Regatta‘s adventures in Alaska. Insignia has been exploring the charming towns and majestic fjords of Norway, while guests onboard Nautica enjoyed an overnight stay in Jerusalem where they could witness the myriad of sacred religious sites. Marina will spend tonight in St. Petersburg, so guests can linger over the vast art collections of the Hermitage or marvel at the beauty of Catherine’s Palace. We hope to be able to bring you more “photo voyages” in the very near future.

Thank you to all of our loyal guests who continue to share their stories of past adventures with Oceania Cruises as well as their excitement for upcoming voyages.

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