Frank Del Rio
Frank Del Rio, founder of Oceania Cruises and CEO of Prestige Cruise Holdings, was featured in the New York Times yesterday. He tells the story of how his family emigrated from Cuba when he was almost seven years old. After being processed at the Freedom Tower in Miami, the family went to Connecticut to stay with an uncle. They came to the U.S. with just one suitcase each because Del Rio’s parents thought that Fidel Castro couldn’t possibly remain in power in Cuba for very long.

They stayed in Connecticut for nine years before moving to Miami. Del Rio goes on to tell how he met his wife, Marcia, built a career in the cruise industry, and learned the keys to creating a successful cruise line.

Read more of the article and learn Frank’s whole story at the link below.



  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Del Rio on the Maiden Voyage of the Marina. He was very approachable and personable. His excitement about Marina was like a little boy, yet we saw him all over the ship, working long hours every day putting the finishing touches on his “baby.” It is a pleasure sailing with a company chaired by such an obviously capable, but also friendly and apparently humble man.

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