Santorini Panorama

Yesterday Marina sailed to Santorini, a particularly charming Greek island of volcanic cliffs dotted with whitewashed facades and brilliant blue domes. There is an interesting history surrounding this volcanic island, from its occupation by various empires to the legend of Atlantis that draws visitors to its shores.

Santorini from tinder
However when you arrive in Santorini and climb the soaring cliffs, whether by foot, donkey or cable car, it is easy to forget any historical references and simply savor the beautiful tranquility of the present. As we were preparing to disembark Marina, our server Tyrone told us that Santorini is a great place in which to lose yourself. He was absolutely right. We meandered the cobblestone streets, sat cliffside sipping local wine, absorbed the stunning views, and forgot everything but the moment at hand.

Below are some of the photos we captured of the lovely views we found at every turn. It is no wonder that Santorini is one of the most photographed of the Greek islands.

Santorini Dome and Cliff

Santorini Clock Tower
Santorini View

Santorini Me and Ship

Santorini Pool and Umbrellas

Santorini Center

Marina Santorini

Santorini even provided the ideal frame for a shot of Marina. One would be hard pressed to say which was lovelier, the ship or her port of call. Should your travels with Oceania Cruises take you to Santorini, prepare to savor every moment ashore.


  1. Love love love love images of Santorini, I can’t imagine how wonderful it must be in person, the climate, the sounds, the culture. I’d love to take it all in someday. I must say though I’m not too familiar with you guys, Oceania. Are you all owned by Carnival or Royal Caribbean?? My twitter handle – jlointc . Thanks.

  2. Jose –
    Oceania Cruises and our sister line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, operate under the umbrella of parent company Prestige Cruise Holdings. We are an independent company that is owned by some of the most successful entrepreneurs, financiers and hospitality professionals in business today. The company is chaired by Oceania Cruises’ founder, Frank Del Rio.

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