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After completing a fourth transoceanic crossing, Marina arrived in Europe last week, where she will sail her inaugural summer season. While docked in Livorno, hundreds of guests ventured out to explore the treasures of Florence, Pisa, and the Tuscan countryside. Nearly six hundred guests returned from their excursions to Marina‘s first “Welcome Back” party, in which a host of jovial crew members, a band and cool beverages celebrated the guests’ return to the ship. It appears each new “first” for Marina continues to be a jubilant event enjoyed by all.

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Having explored the shores of Spain and France, Marina will now linger a bit in Italy before continuing on to the lovely Greek Isles. Next week marks the beginning of the 7th Annual Oceania Club Reunion Cruise, always a marvelous journey for all onboard and featuring exclusive cocktail parties, dinners, excursions and other surprises for Oceania Club members.

Guests will be able to linger on the lovely beaches of several Greek islands such as Zakynthos and Mykonos.

They can also meander the streets of lovely towns like Corfu and visit historic sights like the Achillion Palace.


Santorini is an especially scenic island of Greece, offering spectacular views over the whitewashed towns as well as of the ship anchored in the glistening bay.


You can see below that Mykonos is the perfect place to enjoy dinner ashore at a seaside cafe.

Charming coastal towns aren’t the only appeal of Greece. There are also grand cities of immense historical significance such as Athens, where the voyage concludes. From the crest of the Acropolis, one can capture spectacular views of the impressive temples and amphitheaters that draw visitors to this beautiful city time and again. 

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The Reunion Cruise promises to be an amazing voyage, and as Blogger-at-Large, I am thrilled to be joining this sailing. I will keep you up to date on the exciting events onboard and share my own perspectives and insights on the stunning new Marina. I hope you will follow my adventures on the blog and share your comments here as well!

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