Banana Panini

A few weeks have passed since I’ve shared an update on the blog, so I wanted to assure everyone that I am still working hard and as committed to Oceania Cruises’ success as ever. Last week I spent some time seeking inspiration shoreside for new desserts to feature onboard our ships – a challenging task no doubt, but I rose to the occasion!

Above you see a Chocolate and Banana Panini with Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream from Michael’s Genuine in Miami. Below is a Kahlua-Infused Brownie Lollipop with Strawberry Chocolate and Bittersweet Chocolate Sugar from Spiked Bake Shop.

If you have a favorite dessert you might like to see featured onboard Oceania Cruises’ ships, feel free to share it here. Our chefs love to experiment with new ideas!

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