Geri and Guest
Travel to alluring destinations has always been a great source of artistic inspiration. From Hemingway to Gaugin, famous artists in every genre have found their muse in
AnnaAppliqueClass01 exotic lands worldwide. This is certainly one of the many reasons that the Artist Loft enrichment center onboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina has met with such resounding success. 

Since Marina‘s debut earlier this year, guests have been enjoying onboard classes in every artistic medium imaginable, from painting to photography to applique to needlepoint. Several gifted artists have shared their talents, and guests have flocked to the Artist Loft to learn from the instructors’ expertise and to celebrate their own creative impulses. 

Anna Smith says of her t-shirt painting class, “The guests sure had a ton of fun using everything from paints, fabric pens, steam-a-seam, photo transfer and tons of embellishments. There was no end to their creative and amazing energy and excitement (and a lot of laughter).”


Inspiration certainly abounds — from the stunning landscapes of Marina‘s ports of call…

Postcards from the Caribbean
to the beauty of Marina herself…

Marina Portrait

Guests even found inspiration in the mirror during a class in self portraiture taught by Geri Gventer.

Self Portraits

Geri discusses the structure of the human face.

Facial Structure Instruction

Still life was another subject of an Artist Loft class.

Still Life Instruction

One guest begins her sketch.

Woman Sketching

Another prepares his paints.

Man with Paints
The class is certainly focused on the task at hand.

Getting Started
And the instructor is pleased with the results.

Instructor Surveys

Oceania Cruises obviously has some very talented guests onboard our ships.

Path Close Up
Portrait Close Up
Tree Painting Close Up
But the best part was how much fun guests had while creating these beautiful works of art!

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