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While Insignia just crossed the Atlantic to begin her summer sojourn along European shores, Regatta and Nautica are exploring opposite sides of the globe. Regatta spent the first of April in Parintins, Brazil, and guests were treated to a taste of Amazonian folklore and festivities during an exclusive excursion to a Boi-Bumba celebration.

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The people of Parintins, known for their exuberance and rich cultural traditions, put on a mesmerizing display of revelry with colorful costumes and the sounds of samba. The performance told the captivating story of two families involved in a historic dispute, which was resolved not by combat, but by song and dance.

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Meanwhile, Nautica was exploring the vibrant metropolis of Saigon. Guests were able to experience all the charms of the city via pedi-cab.



Known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” Saigon is an eclectic mix of old and new, with steel and glass skyscrapers towering over French colonial villas, and imposing Soviet-style facades standing beside ancient pagodas. Guests touring the city got a feel for the hectic pace of people’s daily lives.



And other’s lives were not so hectic.



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