Grand Cayman Panarama

Tomorrow Marina will spend the day in Grand Turk before bidding adieu to South America and the islands of the Caribbean. Having transited the Panama Canal, ventured as far north as San Francisco, and then returned through the Canal again, guests onboard have experienced stunning natural beauty, impressive architecture, and a vast array of local culture and cuisine. Marina will now sail briefly up the eastern seaboard of the U.S., stopping into Savannah, Charleston and New York City before crossing the Atlantic once again to begin her inaugural season in Europe.


Before Marina leaves the Americas, we wanted to share some photos from her amazing journey. Curtis Hustace has been offering classes in photography in the Artist Loft onboard and has found no end of outlets for his artistic expression during his travels. Earlier this month, just before her second transit of the Panama Canal, Marina was in Costa Rica, home to a spectacular diversity of wildlife.


After passing through the Panama Canal, Marina arrived in Cartagena, Colombia and lingered late into the evening to allow her guests time to see all of its beautiful people, places, and parrots!

Colombia Dancer
Colombia Church
Colombia Parrot

Next it was on to Grand Cayman, which provided a stunning backdrop for Marina‘s portrait.

Grand Cayman Bay


Marina in Grand Cayman

Magnificent views were captured in the British Virgin Islands.

Road Harbor BVI 4

Meandering through the charming town or fishing from the pier are popular pastimes in lovely St. Barts.

St. Barts Red Yellow

St. Barts Fishing

More natural beauty awaited discovery in Roseau, Dominica.

Roseau Caterpillar

Roseau Pool

Roseau was a spectacular vision of all that one would imagine a beautiful Caribbean island to be. Whether guests joined Marina for her final Caribbean itinerary of the season or traveled with her all along the coasts of the Americas, they have been sure to find amazing experiences awaiting them on every day of their journeys.

Roseau Swimmers

If you’re interested in a DVD of Curtis Hustace’s photos from his 90 days onboard Marina, you can email him at


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