Privee Setting

We’ve talked quite a bit about Privée, the new dining venue onboard Marina that can be reserved for a private dinner for up to eight guests. We like to refer to the experience in Privée as “The Ultimate Chef’s Table,” for the menu is a seven-course degustation custom designed by the Executive Chef.

But most of you have not yet seen the masterpieces our chefs have created for guests in this most opulent of venues. Mr. Don Horner, one of our guests who recently enjoyed an evening in Privée, was kind enough to share some photos of the delectable food that was featured.

Privee Menu

Below is the Perlita Caviar d’Aquitaine plated on Mother of Pearl.

Privee Caviar

The Canaroli Rice with Langoustine Tartare.

Privee Rice

Brittany Blue Lobster.

Privee Lobster

Roasted Vacherin Mont d’Or Cheese

Privee Cheese

Giffard Maraschino Sabaglione with Berries

Privee Berries

And finally, a special request for the chocolate lovers.

Privee Chocolate

Mr. Horner said he was so enthused by the food, he forgot to take a photo of the Kobe beef. After witnessing this exquisite meal, I can certainly understand why. Thank you so much to Mr. Horner for sharing his photos. I hope all of Oceania Cruises’ loyal guests have the opportunity during their travels onboard Marina to enjoy an exceptional evening of private dining with friends in Privée.


  1. I guess Oceania food is not for the more simple palates
    While we love Oceania it appears it is for more upscale tastes
    We are not fast foodies but do enjoy a good meal that is not too fancy

  2. Hi Lulu,
    That’s the beauty of Oceania Cruises’ culinary experiences. As a loyal guest who has sailed with us, you know there are a wide range of dishes and experiences from simple to the most complex and lavish. You can decide what pleases you most.
    It’s also part of the Privée experience. You can pick and choose every course. Even if you yearn for something as basic as a roasted free-range chicken or your favorite hamburger, the choice is yours.
    Dining is not just about the dishes served, it’s the overall experience that results from the surroundings and the people you share it with, and that’s what we strive to provide – an experience that YOU will relish.
    All the best,

  3. Posh restaurants are not for me but I think Oceania caters for everyone Lulu.
    I hate fast food but I don’t like arty food either. Maybe some of the menus on Marina wouldn’t suit me. I remember meeting a chap on Insignia who was in raptures about the lobster bisque and some other lobster dish in the Polo Grill. I tried them and really didn’t enjoy either of them. I had much better dishes in The Terrace restaurant. It all depends on your taste I think.
    I also listened to people who waxed lyrical about the blueberry pancakes at breakfast. Tried them and hated them! Far too sweet for me. Much preferred all the fresh fruit on the Terrace and my husband loved the muesli there too.
    As a non meat eater (seems a bit of a waste on Oceania) I’ve never had so much choice in any restaurant. The fun is in the trying and I know I’ll enjoy trying new dishes on Marina next year.

  4. Winifred
    DH is not a big meat eater either he ate mostly pasta
    I am not that much into pasta but we did not starve
    I can have burgers & chicken at home so that did not excite me either
    The food is very rich for my taste/waist
    Some of the dishes take creative license with the names of the dishes …nothing like the traditional dish
    Hope you enjoy Marina

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