The inaugural season of our new ship Marina has been such an exciting time for our Oceania Cruises family. So exciting, in fact, that Marina has been monopolizing the spotlight as of late, and with good reason. However, we must not forget the three equally stunning, elegant ships that are responsible for making Oceania Cruises the success it is today. Regatta, Insignia, and Nautica have

Prasart-Bangkok-Entry also been sailing azure seas this February, and guests onboard are likewise enjoying the fine cuisine, impeccable service, and fascinating destinations that are the hallmarks of Oceania Cruises.

Nautica has been exploring the exotic coasts of Asia, from Hong Kong to Saigon to Bangkok. In Bangkok guests enjoyed an excursion to the renowned Prasart Museum, which houses one of the most spectacular private art collections in Asia. The vast array includes art from prehistoric times to the late 19th century and features Buddha images, exquisite porcelain and pottery, traditional Thai paintings, and impressive Chinese furnishings.

Prasart-Bangkok-Gold Detail Prasart-Bangkok-Bird Detail Prasart-Bangkok-Dragon


Also located on the grounds is the magnificent Garden of Serenity, a horticultural treasure that contains an exceptional variety of rare and unusual trees and shrubs, many of which were selected for their association with Thai literature. The garden is intertwined with meandering pathways, tranquil pools and priceless stone statues.


While Nautica has been experiencing the history and beauty of Thailand, China and other fascinating nations of the East, Regatta has been exploring the Western Hemisphere. On the other side of the world, Regatta sails the vivid blue seas of the Caribbean and visits its many lovely islands, from Virgin Gorda to Antigua to the Bahamas.


Sailboat Nassau

Guests onboard Regatta faced some big challenges this month, having to decide whether to view the vibrant colors of diverse marine life on a snorkeling venture, sail impossibly blue waters under the power of a gentle wind, or simply lie on beautiful beaches and watch the waves roll into the shore. You can tell from the photo of Nassau above and St. Barts below, guests could rest assured that any decision they made was the right one. Many guests played it safe and chose “all of the above.”

Shell Beach St. Barts

Torres Waterfall Insignia took a southerly route this February, sailing from Chile through the magnificent Chilean fjords, around the southern tip of South America, stopping in to the Falkland Islands and continuing up the Eastern seaboard to Brazil. Natural wonders abound in this beautiful continent, and guests onboard Insignia explored them at length.

One of the most spectacular regions in the world and certainly one of South America’s major attractions is Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. The park was granted the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. Guests on the Oceania Cruises excursion, Scenic Torres del Paine, experienced the landscape by plane, boat and motorcoach, finding each stunning vista more magnificent than the last.

To the left is Salto Grande Waterfall. The volume of water and its tremendous power is astounding.

Below is another breathtaking view captured by a guest. The peaks, horizons, and the still blue waters of the immense interconnected lakes are awe inspiring. The granite spires of many of the mountaintops have a unique shape sculpted by glacial erosion. The park is a feast of natural phenomena — glaciers, rivers, lakes, forests and abundant wildlife.

Torres Mountain

Historical, cultural or natural, the astonishing beauty of the destinations on Oceania Cruises’ itineraries never fails to impress. Whether you sail on Regatta, Insignia, Nautica, or Marina, you are certain to have the experience of a lifetime both onboard and ashore. Thank you so much to our wonderful guests who shared with us these photos of their amazing experiences.

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