Las Brisas
Onboard Marina we’ve spent the last several days exploring the western coasts of Mexico, and each town seems more lovely than the last.  On Friday I enjoyed lunch at El Bellavista restaurant at Las Brisas resort in Acapulco, a restaurant aptly named for its beautiful view. I had a delicious tortilla soup and queso fundito – Mexican fondue with rock shrimp. Yesterday we were in Cabo San Lucas, sailing past the striking rock formations and sandy beaches along Land’s End.


All has been smooth sailing, except for one minor snag, literally. A few days ago a fishing net got tangled in one of Marina‘s propellers, causing us to miss the port of Huatulco. But the weather is so spectacular and the seas so smooth, guests hardly seemed to notice.

Meanwhile, those of us not technically on vacation are getting some work done. The 2:00 a.m. photo shoots continue. While the guests are sleeping, our cast and crew are capturing Marina on film.

Photo Shoot GDR

And you know I won’t leave you without sharing the latest from Marina‘s culinary scene. As is always the case in any fine restaurant, our chefs are constantly experimenting with new dishes, exploring new flavor combinations, creating new features to amaze our guests. Below you see the Homard Thermidor from Jacques, our Maine lobster baked in shell, for which the chefs have created a mustard mushroom cream sauce.

Lobster Thermidor

And the Coquilles Saint-Jacques aux Morilles – sauteed scallops over fondant potatoes with morel sauce.

Scallops Jacques
Of course, our chefs are quite proud of their creations, and they want me to taste each one, so I indulge them. I can assure you that I will never be guilty of stifling the creativity of our chefs!

I had better get back to work, but I will of course continue to share all the news from Marina, and you can expect some updates from our other ships soon as well.


  1. Thanks for posting the comings and goings of Marina. We were on the maiden voyage from Barcelona and love reading the updates and seeing the photos. We have already booked two staterooms for another cruise on Marina next January.

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