Bob at Panama Canal

Yesterday Marina made her Inaugural Passage through the Panama Canal. I’ve heard that some of you watched the transit live via the Panama Canal webcam, so I’m happy to hear that some of our guests ashore were able to share in the exciting journey. It was amazing to experience this feat of engineering and overwhelming to imagine the work that went into its construction over an entire decade.

Below is a shot of Panama City, which is larger than I imagined.

Panama City

We are lucky enough to have onboard with us photographer Curtis Hustace, who is teaching photography classes in the Artist Loft. If you haven’t already heard, Marina features talented artists-in-residence who teach classes in various media in the Artist Loft enrichment center. You can learn everything from photography to water color painting to needlepoint.

Curtis was kind enough to share some of his photos of Marina‘s Inaugural Passage through the Panama Canal. I hesitate to share Curtis’s stunning photos right next to my amateur ones, but this will certainly highlight his talent and provide an example of techniques you could learn in the Artist Loft. I hope to take a class soon!

Canal Transit 1

Marina Canal Transit 1 Bow

Marina Canal Transit 1 Aft Suspension Bridge

The adventures onboard Marina continue. Thank you again for following the blog and sharing your comments!

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  1. One of the best new services the Marina offered is the photographer. During the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, I enjoyed taking a Curtis Hustace’s photography class every day. Loved his Photoshop classes and he even inspired me to buy the newest edition. His photos of the Panama Canal are awesome. I can not believe so few people are looking at the bridge that connects North & South America. Please find another great photographer for the Northern Knights sailing in July.

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