Paradise Bay (75)
When one hears of “Paradise Bay,” images of sandy beaches, palm trees, and the bright summer sun probably come to mind. But there is an equally beautiful paradise to be found along the coast of Antarctica. Insignia has been sailing these coasts, and her guests have captured stunning photos of the magnificent glaciers and seascapes that grace this southernmost continent.

Paradise Bay (36)

Paradise Bay (129)

Paradise Bay (56)

Paradise Bay (8)

Insignia also cruised along Half Moon Island and Deception Island in the South Shetlands. Since the early 19th century, Deception Island was a favorite refuge of sailors escaping storms and icebergs. This unique island offers one of the safest harbors in Antarctica and has been used as a base for sealers, whaling companies and naval operations. Its center is a caldera formed by an enormous volcanic eruption and since flooded by the sea to form a huge bay. Thus the “Deception” as the entrance, known as Neptunes Bellows, is very narrow and tricky to navigate, but once inside the sheltered harbor is revealed.

The most spectacular result of these natural phenomena is awe-inspiring scenery. Below you see guests on Insignia enjoying the view.


Half Moon Bay Deception Island (10)

Half Moon Bay Deception Island (72)

Half Moon Bay Deception Island (58)

Thank you to our guests for sharing these beautiful photos for the blog!

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