Flag Raising
The past 10 days have certainly flown by, and today we find ourselves just 1 day away from Marina‘s Maiden Voyage. It has been such an amazing experience watching all of Marina‘s details come together over the past couple weeks, and now I am just so eager to see our guests onboard experiencing Marina for themselves. After all, we built her for you!

Yesterday we made it all official.  All of the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed. Pictured above are Robin Lindsay, Executive Vice President of Vessel Operations; Frank Del Rio, Chairman and CEO; myself; and Captain Flokos at the flag raising ceremony. Below Robin and Mario LeBouef, Director of the Sestri Ponente shipyard, sign the final papers to take official ownership of Marina, and Frank raises a toast to Marina‘s success and all of her future guests.

Lindsay Signing

Frank Toast
The staff and crew are likewise ready to welcome our guests onboard. They, too, have spent many hours preparing for this momentous occasion and are eager to do what they love – provide impeccable service to our wonderful guests. Below are are our esteemed Butlers, each of them trained in the absolute highest standards of personal service so that they can anticipate every wish of the guests in our suites.

Butlers Ready for Guests

I also have many more photos to share, but time is short today, so I will leave you with one I find most impressive, the Ultimate Chef’s Table, the centerpiece of Privée.

Privee Table

I have seen some other requests here on the blog for certain photos and menus, and I will certainly share those with you as soon as possible. It seems everywhere I turn on Marina I see a thing of beauty, so there will be many more images to share with you as the Maiden Voyage sets sail.  Thank you again to all of our loyal guests and followers of the blog, and check back tomorrow for updates as we arrive in Barcelona!


  1. Just have the suitcases to batten down and the last minute things to push into the case! We fly to Barcelona tomorrow morning to ensure no snow, volcanic ash or labour disputes can prevent us boarding your beautiful ship midday on Saturday – can’t wait.
    I am amazed that in spite of being so busy with last minute details for Marina, you still find time to respond to the blog messages! Thank you so much for allowing me to share these past few exciting days with you and we look forward to an amazing Maiden voyage on the magnificent Marina.

  2. Thanks for posting the details and your excitement. We are in Barcelona awaiting your arrival. We can just see the port from the rooftop of our hotel, so we’re like children waiting Christmas eve for Santa to arrive! So put on your red suits and be ready,we’re all gathering to say hello to Marina and thanks to you for giving us this lovely gift – the Maiden Voyage on Marina!!! Hope to get the opportunity to thank you in person on board.

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