Damien Hirst Painting in CR Spa
We are now just two days from Marina‘s Maiden Voyage, and what an amazing journey it has been already. Today has been especially exciting, as we set sail from Genoa on our way to Barcelona! Marina is officially at sea! We will be at sea tomorrow and arrive in Barcelona on Friday. One of the guests who will be joining us commented here on the blog that she was losing sleep due to the mounting excitement, and I can certainly understand why.  I’m having a bit of trouble winding down in the evenings myself.

As the countdown nears its finale, I realized I have not yet shared any photos of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. I confess I got a bit distracted by all of the fine cuisine featured in the new restaurants. But Canyon Ranch SpaClub is an equally important part of the Oceania Cruises lifestyle, largely because it is so much more than a spa.  You can of course enjoy a wonderfully relaxing massage or a pampering pedicure, but the Canyon Ranch SpaClub enhances the entire Oceania Cruises experience, offering a wide array of services that promote resilience, serenity, and all-around well being. From fitness classes and personal training to the Canyon Ranch cuisine, Canyon Ranch SpaClub allows you to appreciate all the indulgences of an Oceania Cruise while still maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Above you see me hanging a Damien Hirst painting, and below are photos of the ceramic beds and the lovely water wall featured at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub.

Cr spa ceramic beds

Cr spa water feature

Before we sailed, I also caught some shots of the final plants being lifted onboard and the garden on the pool deck being planted. I thought you might find those interesting as well.

Plants being loaded

Planting Garden

Tomorrow will be another exciting day, as only a very short time remains to get Marina‘s final touches in place. We can’t wait to welcome to all of our guests onboard very soon!


  1. I appreciate the pictures that you have posted. However, I would really like to see pictures of the staterooms, the grand staircase, various public areas, etc. The artist concept drawings are nice but we would like to see pictures of the real thing. Also anxious to have the bridge camera activated. We will be on the Baltic cruise this summer so our excitement and anticipation are growing day by day!

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