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Only 3 days remain until Marina’s Maiden Voyage, and as I mentioned yesterday, we are dining in and fine-tuning each of the restaurants. If you’ve followed the countdown at all, you can probably imagine how much I’ve been looking forward to this part. Today we dined in Jacques, and as I know there has been a lot of anticipation leading up to the debut of this restaurant, I wanted to share with you the first preview of Jacques’ menu. Above you see a selection of meats from Jacques’ show rotisserie. The rotisserie itself is a work of art, done in gleaming glass and brass, not to mention the culinary creations featured within. You see the rotisserie menu to the left along with the sauces and sides offered.

Below you see all of the delicious hors d’oeuvres on the menu, followed by the soups and salads. As you can probably guess, Pauline is serving the Crème de Potiron, a scrumptious creamy pumpkin soup.










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Pauline and Pumpkin

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Of course, each entree is likewise exquisite, and you know that a French bistro bearing Jacques Pépin’s name is going to feature fabulous pastries. I no longer need search the French ports of call for the perfect pastries, as I can now enjoy them onboard. Maybe now I’ll get around to visiting a few more museums!

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Jacques Dessert

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I’ll end today’s post with one more shot of Jacques’ lovely interior. Fine dining is not only about delectable cuisine, it’s also about an elegant yet comfortable ambiance, and as you can see, Jacques has it all.

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  1. I am seriously salivating just looking at those magnificent desserts! Unfortunately my husband can only look at them. As a diabetic, they are off limits to him. Hopefully your wonderful chefs will be able to tempt him with something a little more suitable but equally luscious?

  2. Food glorious food!
    Lulu – I’m sure they’ll be offering low sugar puds for diabetics. My husband really enjoyed them on Insignia last year.
    Now please show us how we can work it all off in the pool. I can take or leave the gym.

  3. While we may not feature sugar-free pastries specifically in Jacques, we do offer several low-sugar options as part of our Canyon Ranch cuisine. Talk with your servers about your husband’s dietary restrictions, and I’m sure they can assist in selecting desserts he will greatly enjoy. (I believe that while Winifred addressed Lulu in her very helpful comment below, she was actually responding to Yvonne’s comment about her husband’s dietary restrictions.)
    Winifred, in response to your inquiry about pool photos, I’ve been so ensconced in Marina’s interiors, I haven’t captured any good photos of the pool deck yet. I did get one of the gardens being planted as I was passing through, so I put that up on the next blog post. It is dark now, but they will soon be putting the finishing touches on the pool, so I will send some pool photos along soon. I can tell you that it is certainly not a lap pool, but there is room to get some exercise if the pool is your “gym” of choice.
    I hope this helps and thank you so much to everyone for your comments. It is always a pleasure to hear from our guests!

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