The launch of Marina’s Maiden Voyage is growing ever so close, and today I have a very special sneak peek behind the scenes. I believe these may the very first photos ever shared of the interiors of our two new exclusive dining options, Privée and La Reserve.


Privée is one of Marina‘s never-before-seen venues where you can host up to eight guests for the most opulent, indulgent experience we have yet envisioned – the Ultimate Chef’s Table. You and your guests will enjoy a seven-course Menu Degustation; you can even meet privately with Marina‘s Executive Chef to make special requests. Above and below are glimpses of the exquisite space and brilliant view featured in Privée.

We realized that while our cuisine rivals that of the finest restaurants ashore, we were lacking one amenity that so many of these restaurants offer – private dining. Privée gives you the chance to enjoy the company of dear friends along with the pleasure of superb cuisine and impeccable service that is truly all about you, no distractions, as if you’re hosting your guests in your own fine estate home. It’s just one more way that Marina will become your home away from home, and one more way we are elevating the Oceania Cruises experience to a level so exceptional, it has never before been achieved at sea.

The menus continue to evolve as our Executive Chef can hardly resist the opportunity to test the limits of his culinary skills and creativity in envisioning new features for Privée. But the photos below give you an idea of the gastronomic delights awaiting you and your guests should you decide to indulge in an evening at Privée.

Privee post

The other photos I have to share with you today are of La Reserve by Wine Spectator.


This industry-first onboard wine tasting center will offer several seminars and tastings designed to enhance your appreciation of fine wine and perfectly paired cuisine. In the evening, La Reserve can accommodate up to 24 guests for an intimate, seven-course gourmet dinner delightfully paired with premium wines.

La Reserve(2)

As we near Marina‘s debut, I’ve finally had the opportunity to taste some of the wonderful food I’ve been raving about. Below you see the chef preparing one of my favorite courses – dessert.  He is presenting the “Gold Bullion” of Valrhona Jivara Chocolate Mousse, which will be paired with a lovely Prunotto Moscato d’Asti.

La reserve bullion
The excitement and anticipation are building daily, so keep checking the blog as we count down the final days to Marina‘s Maiden Voyage!



  1. That food looks fantastic! My mouth is watering. Sorry I have to wait until next year to sample it.
    Any chance of a photo of the pool? I’m hoping it’s a decent size to get a good swim next time I cruise. I’ll need to swim lots if the food is that fabulous!
    Buen viaje!

  2. We’re booked for the 2011 Holiday Cruise r/t Miami (3rd Holiday cruise for us personally). We’ll take a “President’s Freebie” before then!! 🙂

  3. Six of us will be on the Marina on the Vikings cruise departing Copenhagen July 1, 2011. We would love to dine at Privee, but there are only six of us. Any thoughts on how we can add a couple to fill out our Privee dinner to eight? Also, one of our group is is gluten intolerant. Can the chef take that into account in the menu?
    Don M.

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