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St. Malo Jog
If you’ve been following our countdown to Marina’s Maiden Voyage, you’ve noticed that I’m exceptionally excited about the new restaurants onboard, as well as the Bon Appétit Culinary Center. I also mentioned that I’m an avid jogger, but a few have (good-naturedly) expressed doubts about my veracity. So I’d like to confirm that I do indeed appreciate all of the pleasures of Oceania Cruises even beyond the cuisine. Above I’ve shared a photo that I took during the Reunion Cruise of September 2010. I jogged four miles along the coast of St. Malo during sunrise, and the view was simply spectacular.

Which leads me to my latest sneak peek as we find ourselves only 5 days from Marina’s Maiden Voyage. No, it is not a photo of the Fitness Track, although I will mention that 13 laps around the track is a mile, and it is a pleasant jog or walk whether we are in port or at sea. However, today I actually give you the insider’s track on that which follows a glorious day of fine cuisine, exciting excursions, and healthy, balanced living – an evening of repose in your suite or stateroom. Below is a photo of me and some craftsmen helping with some of the final touches in one of the Owner’s Suites.

Bob Installing Owner's Suite
Every suite and stateroom features our Prestige Tranquility Bed and 1000-count Egyptian cotton linens to ensure that all guests enjoy a restful, restorative sleep after their adventures onboard and ashore. In Marina‘s Owner’s, Vista, and Oceania suites, we will also offer the ultimate indulgence — a Pillow Menu.  From this menu you can select the perfect pillow to provide all of the comfort and therapeutic benefits you desire. Below is a sneak peek at some of the featured pillows.





PM P9 PM P10


I would love to try one for myself tonight, but after all the work we did today, I think I’m going to be asleep before my head even hits the pillow! 



  1. As one of the lucky passengers about to embark on Marina’s Maiden Voyage, I have been excited about the prospect since we booked on Day One last year.
    I have been checking back to see the new photos and hear about the updates and am really enjoying the countdown. Unfortunately I am have problems sleeping due to the mounting excitement – wonder if one of those special pillows might help?
    Can’t wait for Saturday!

  2. It’s so wonderful to hear all of our guests share their excitement about their upcoming voyage on Marina. (Although you need to get your rest!)
    Lulu, in response to your inquiry, all of the suites and staterooms feature plush, luxurious pillows, so you need not bring your own unless it is your preference. As mentioned above, Marina’s Owner’s, Vista, and Oceania suites will be the only ones to feature the added amenity of a Pillow Menu offering a wider array of pillow choices with therapeutic benefits.
    I hope this helps clarify. Today’s countdown will be posted soon!

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