Culinary Center Pepper Mill
The excitement is mounting as we are now only 6 days away from Marina’s Maiden Voyage. I have promised to provide a daily sneak peek to our loyal fans of the blog as we count down the final days preceding Marina’s debut. Today I wanted to share a preview of one of the many industry-firsts onboard Marina – the Bon Appétit Culinary Center. This will be the world’s first hands-on culinary studio at sea and it features 24 professionally designed work stations.

Culinary Center Work Stations
There will be à la carte classes such as Modern Greek, Perfect Paella, and Simple Dinner Party, and there will also be multiple-session packages you can purchase such as The Best of Italy, or French & Fabulous. You can learn to master one specific technique or several classic dishes from a variety of cultures. I fancy myself a decent cook, but I can’t wait to see what secrets and tips of the trade I can learn from the Bon Appétit chefs at the Culinary Center.

And I have one more sneak peek for you today. Most of you are probably aware by now that I’m a big fan of food. And needless to say, I’m an especially big fan of Oceania Cruises’ cuisine. (Thank goodness I’m also a big fan of jogging.) Considering my fondness for fine cuisine and the fact that our Executive Culinary Director is Master Chef Jacques Pépin, it may come as no surprise that Oceania Cruises will be offering our own culinary lifestyle book. Taste the World is filled with chronicles of our cuisine and service, personal anecdotes, and many of your favorite recipes from onboard our ships. We will also be teaching several of these recipes at the Bon Appétit Culinary Center. After a few classes, you will not only be able to enjoy Oceania Cruises’ cuisine onboard, but you can prepare it yourself at home. The book will be available onboard and will also soon be available at

Taste the World Cookbook
That’s it for today’s preview. I hope you all check back tomorrow as we continue the exciting countdown to Marina’s Maiden Voyage. If you haven’t already, note that in the column to the right under Follow Us, you can select the link to Subscribe to this Blog’s Feed. Then under Actions you can subscribe to have posts delivered right to your email via RSS feed, and you’ll never miss an update.  More photos coming soon!


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