After all of the work that has gone into Marina, and with all of the excitement that has surrounded her impending debut, it’s still hard to believe that we are just 10 short days from her Maiden Voyage. But I am here in Genoa now, watching as the finishing touches are being put in place, and I can attest to the fact that Marina has indeed come to life. And she is a beauty. As I walk through her restaurants and stroll across the pool deck and inspect the new venues, I find myself a bit awestruck thinking not only of how far we’ve come on this journey to her creation, but also of all the amazing voyages that await her in the future. Most of all, I can’t wait until those first guests come onboard and get to experience Marina for themselves. For those of you who are booked on the Maiden Voyage, the excitement and anticipation must be growing every day.

Only so many “sneak peeks” remain before Marina is officially unveiled to the world. In fact, exactly 10 “sneak peeks” remain, as each of these final 10 days leading up to the Maiden Voyage, we will share one more preview with our loyal guests who follow the blog.

GDR Jan 11
As the countdown to Marina’s sailing begins, I receive fewer and fewer calls requesting “Final Approval.” Menus have been printed. Wine cellars have been stocked. As you can see above in the photo I took today, even the tables in the Grand Dining Room have been set. Below you see the lovely detail of the Casino entrance, where the cards are ready to be dealt. There is little more that can wait to be done “a bit closer to her sail date.” That date is about to arrive.

Casino Entrance Jan 11
So keep checking the blog and help me count down the days to Marina’s Maiden Voyage. I hope you all are as excited as I am, and I hope you have the opportunity to experience Marina for yourselves very soon.



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