You may not see Elery Dumandan very often during a cruise onboard Regatta, because while other crew members are taking care of Regatta’s guests, Elery is behind the scenes taking care of the crew.  Elery says that the crew onboard Regatta is very happy, and he intends to keep it that way.

“The crew here, they’re all very nice,” says Elery. “They’re happy. That’s the first thing I noticed.  Everybody’s smiling. They’re happy with what they’re doing…That’s the good thing about this company, that they care about people.”

In 2000, Elery began his cruise ship career as a dishwasher, washing over 10,000 plates a day. After gaining experience in several other positions, he started his first contract with Oceania Cruises in September 2010 as Crew Administrator. He performs services for the crew similar to what Reception does for the guests, and having worked in Reception before, he said the transition to Crew Administrator was not difficult. He attends to all of the crew’s concerns, including disembarking and embarking when in port. He is one of only two people handling the logistics of this process – managing head counts, getting landing cards and shore passes, and ensuring everyone is accounted for.

One of the most fun parts of Elery’s job is reading all of the guest comments. He keeps track of how many compliments are given to each crew member, and commendations are given to those who receive the most positive comments.

Elery says that Oceania Cruises offers many advantages over other cruise lines he’s worked for. He much prefers the food and accommodations. And while he previously worked contracts of 10-12 months, with Oceania Cruises his contract is only 6 months; thus he spends less time away from his family in the Phillipines. There are also more opportunities for advancement here, and he is interested in moving to Reception again at some point, as he does miss the interaction with the guests. In the meantime, he is very happy in his current position and enjoys taking care of the fantastic crew onboard Regatta.

We know that one of the reasons guests onboard Regatta are so happy is that the staff and crew are happy as well.  It is no wonder considering that they are in the capable hands of Crew Administrator Elery Dumandan.

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