61 Bob Binder & Frank Del Rio have the first drink on the ship.
As 2010 draws to a close, I naturally reflect on my fondest memories of the past year. There have been so many milestones as we have progressed toward Marina‘s debut, not to mention beginning construction on her sister, Riviera. I think of the float-out ceremony for Marina and of watching her take to the seas for the first time. I remember the steel cutting ceremony for Riviera and the laying of the keel. Needless to say, 2010 has been a momentous year for all of us at Oceania Cruises, and as Marina‘s debut grows ever closer, we know that 2011 is sure to be even more exciting.

Bob's Table2011 will certainly kick off with the countdown to Marina‘s christening, but as I reflect on 2010 and look back through the stories on the blog, I am reminded that we have three beautiful ships already sailing the seas and creating fond memories for everyone onboard. For me, the Reunion Cruise onboard Regatta immediately comes to mind as one of the highlights of 2010. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to not only meet so many of our guests, but also to have the time onboard to chat with so many of you and to get to know you better.  I enjoyed hearing stories of your favorite Oceania Cruises adventures, and I was especially privileged to congratulate many of you on your tenth, fifteenth, and even twentieth Oceania Cruise.

During the Reunion Cruise, I had the pleasure of dining with several of our guests, and I wish there had been enough time for me have dinner with everyone onboard. The dining experience on an Oceania Cruise gives me the opportunity to do two of my favorite things, savor fine food and enjoy the company of fine people. While on the Reunion Cruise, Executive Chef Mickael Tochetto did me the honor of preparing a special patio dinner for myself and guests of Regatta‘s Owner’s and Vista suites. I still remember the exquisite menu and the pleasant conversation. So in honor of 2010 and all of our guests who enjoy the fine cuisine onboard Oceania Cruises, I thought I would share some photos of that lovely evening.

Patio Dinner Hosts

Our hosts – Food and Beverage Director Balazs Fekete, Executive Chef Mickael Tocchetto, Executive Sous Chef Anthony Mauboussin, Restaurant Manager Vladimir Cavic, and Cellar Master Ivica Kolric

Pation Dinner Table
The lovely table settings

Ivitca at Patio DinnerThe Cellar Master ensured that each course was paired with the perfect wine.

Patio Dinner Lobster
The appetizer course – Blue Lobster, Oyster, Marinated Mussels, Almond Clams, and Wasabi Mayonnaise

SusanMrs. Denkers selected the Roasted Veal Chop “Normandy” with Carmelized Apples, Calvados and Mushroom Sauce for her entree.

SteveMr. Denkers especially enjoyed dessert – a work of art from the pastry chef!

Patio Dinner Chefs

A  job well done by Chef Mauboussin, Chef Tocchetto, and Pastry Chef Jose D Silva

Bob and Guests
Myself and guests, the Mundys, the Nirenblatts, and the Timcos.

Chefs and Guests
A wonderful time was had by all that evening, and I raise a toast to all of our guests who will enjoy fine cuisine, dear friends, and fascinating journeys onboard Oceania Cruises in 2011.  Best wishes for a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2011 from all of the Oceania Cruises family!

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