Elephants in Road
Nautica spent the last few weeks exploring the eastern coast of Africa. Two of our frequent guest lecturers, Tom Stauffer and Susie Heller, have been onboard and were kind enough to share some fantastic photos of their journey.  These photos were taken while on safari on Shamwari Private Game Reserve. This beautiful reserve can be explored on one of Oceania Cruises’ land tours, which allow guests to delve deeper into the experience of a particular culture.

Tom StaufferTom observes a wild boar grazing on the reserve.


A closer look.

HerdsAnd now they venture farther out into the bushland of the Eastern Cape.


A lovely couple.

Two ZebrasAnother attractive pair.

ElephantsThe elephants aren’t shy.

Elephant Drink

But they are thirsty!

Going for a dip.

LionKing of the jungle.


Lying in wait.

Running Giraffe

Potential prey.


The rhinoceros explores.


It was a wonderful adventure in the African bushland.  Check the blog again soon for more beautiful photos of the animals, people, and culture of Africa.



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