The success of Oceania Cruises can be largely attributed to our fantastic team of crew members. We could not create the Oceania Cruises experience were it not for the skill, talent and dedication of our staff. Impeccable service is one of our hallmarks, and to achieve this high standard, we rely on not only the people who greet you with a smile each day, but also those whose smiles are behind the scenes. Even though you may never see Chief Butcher Everal Morris during your cruise onboard Regatta, you enjoy the results of his attentive service every time you dine.

Everal hails from Jamaica and has been with Oceania Cruises since the very beginning when our fleet debuted. He truly loves his job and says his biggest challenge is coming to the end of a contract! “That’s the biggest challenge, when you have to leave all of this. It’s a nice life onboard.”

Everal especially likes the atmosphere in the galley – people of all different cultures working together in a fast-paced environment to achieve a common goal – service, service, service. He started as a roast man in the galley, but back in 2002, the ship he was onboard had no room for him in the galley, so he found himself working on the deck instead. One day a hiring manager came by and saw him on deck and asked, “Aren’t you my roast man?” Everal told him that yes, he had been, but now there was no room for him in the galley.  The manager talked to the food and beverage department, and by four o’clock that afternoon, he was offering Everal a position as a butcher. Everal said that he’d never done that kind of work, but he would sure give it a try! And he’s been working in the galley ever since.

Everal began as a utility butcher and then moved up to assistant butcher and on to chief butcher. He’s a quick study, and he enjoyed each new challenge along the way.  “Once you show me stuff one time, you don’t have to show me two times,” he says. “I just like to challenge myself. It doesn’t take me long to adapt to things.”

At different ports the ships acquire various meats – beef, fish, poultry – and Everal is in charge of getting these cuts of meat into the refrigerator, and then cutting and portioning each consistently and distributing the product to the various restaurants and galleys onboard. He underwent special training on the use of a band saw, but otherwise he says his only tools are his knives and his knowledge.

Everal has high praise for all of his fellow crew members and says that the way the crew all works together is one of the things he admires most about Oceania Cruises. At the end of their work days, everyone comes together to relax, listen to music, and enjoy conversations with their friends. And when you combine happy team members with a positive, supportive environment, you cannot help but achieve great success.



  1. Yes, Lulu, all of our beef is USDA Prime. We actually have our own beef aging warehouse so that we can maintain the strictest quality control standards. We send air shipments every few days to the various ports to ensure that the ships have the freshest, finest cuts.

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