Marina is only 45 days from her debut and she is shaping up quickly and beautifully. It is truly remarkable how quickly areas of the ship are being transformed. One day, you have exposed steel and wires hanging from the ceiling and 24 to 48 hours later, the room is all but finished.

I wanted to provide our loyal readers and guests with a photo update from the shipyard so that you can see how much progress has been made in the last few weeks.

Marina December 2010 119 (98)
They are laying the carpet in the Reception Hall and on the Grand Staircase.

Marina December 2010 119 (20)
The Casino Bar is coming along nicely. When you see the finished space, you will really be “wowed”. The chandelier only hints at what to expect from this room.

Marina December 2010 119 (13)
These are the beautiful wine display cases inside the entrance to the Grand Dining Room.

Marina December 2010 119 (16)
The elegance of the Grand Dining Room is really begining to shine through.

Marina December 2010 119 (18)
A detail shot of one of the beautiful fluted wall sconces.

Marina December 2010 119 (19)
One of the smaller, individual chandeliers being hung.

This is Jacques. The flooring is antique French Oak that was reclaimed from an old barn we came across near Lyons, Jacques’ hometown. This is the first time anyone has ever gone such an unorthodox route in terms of flooring on a ship. The yard and the architetcts were somewhat stunned that we wanted to do this but I am glad we did as it adds to the authenticity of the restaurant.

Marina December 2010 119 (112)
They are in the midst of unpacking all of the chairs for Red Ginger. I am going to bet that this restaurant will be the most stunning of them all. When the lighting is set to the proper levels and the tables are set, it will be a visual feast.

There will be more to come in the next post – including the Terrace Cafe, the Culinary Center, Artist Loft and the Canyon Ranch Spa Club.


  1. Incredibly exciting to get a first glimpse. It look spectacular and reminds a little of what goes into the preparation of such a launch. Good Luck!

  2. We are watching with interest the progress of Marina, we were in China last March, on the Nautica and were not pleased with the food, we are hoping we will again be excited about Oceania. We hope that experience is in the past. The staterooms look great, and we have several ideas for future destinations.

  3. We’re booked on the Marina inaugural cruise from Bacelona to Miami. We’re not sure we’ll like such a large Oceania ship, but we just had to try it, this’ll be our 25 Oceania cruise. We love ‘ya.

  4. Well done Oceania;
    We are excited to see Marina being completed. It looks fantastic. Our last trip on Nautica was wonderful and we can hardly wait for our trip on Marina in November 11.
    Food on Nautica was great.

  5. We still think we will prefer the smaller ships, but the opportunity to make a maiden voyage…priceless. Received our Marina Maiden Voyage document folder yesterday- REALLY can’t wait now! Our only concern is that boarding will not go smoothly with twice as many people (very disappointed with the boarding process at Miami early this year with half as many people).
    I am surprised at the negative food comments. No restaurant is perfect, but I could count our complaints on the fingers of one hand and still have several left over. Can’t wait to try Jacques- we are big fans of his PBS shows (already booked all four specialty dining venues).
    Worst part of the trip- Miami to Atlanta to Washington Dulles- not looking foward to that hassle.

  6. My first cruise ever was on your Regata…….I was in heaven and your personal treated me like a King. I do not want to be on an other cruise line than Oceania and whatever it is going to take…I have to be on the Marina
    Your wonderful.

  7. Can’t wait to board in Barcelona, this will be our th cruise with Oceania. Only had one or two bad experiences, and they were due to bad land tours. The food has always been one of the strengths, but the absolute major strength has been the staff.

  8. We look forward to December 10, 2011 on the Marina from Miami to Honduras and Costa Rica for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We are excited to see in the photos how beautiful this ship is shaping up! Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful new ship. Our first and second cruises with you were on the Regatta and the the last one was the Greek Isles on the Insignia. Fantastic time. We are so excited to be going with you on the Marina in her maiden year!

  9. I, too, am a little dismayed by some of the less than glowing comments about food on board. It is very exciting to be on the maiden voyage but frankly it is our memories of outstanding culinary experiences that made us want to sail with Oceania again…well the cold weather currently in Canada might have been a tiny consideration too!
    In eager anticipation….

  10. We are looking forward to the California to Florida in Feb. This will be our 3 trip with Oceania. Have always felt that they try to make you feel special onboard. Love the food, service people and the total crew. Keep up the good services.
    Good luck on the launch.

  11. we won’t be aboard the Marina until nov 2011 more’s the pity. we have done
    6 Oceania cruises and 2 more booked. we look forward with much anticipation
    to being on board again to experience great food, great crew, great ships.

  12. We will be on the Marina from Barcelona to Miami and from Miami to San Francisco. Can hardly wait. We received our documents the other day and we’re just so excited. This will be our 9th and 10th trip with Oceania. We just love the staff and we have never been disappointed with the food. Marina looks beautiful from the few pictures we have seen. Looking forward to sailing on the Marina on January 22, 2011.

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