I know many of you are anxious for a sneak peak at Marina, so I gathered a few more photos to share. While she is still a work in progress, many of the lovely details that will make her so special are already coming together. And in December and early January, all the finishing touches will be going into place!

GDR BarAbove is the Grand Bar, which will be a wonderful space to relax and enjoy a pre- or post-dinner drink. In this view, we are looking forward. As you can see, the carpets, wall coverings and ornate millwork are all in place, albeit with protective covers over them to ensure that nothing gets dirty, scratched or marred. The ship is a beehive of hundreds of workmen right now, so we can’t be too careful!


GDR Bar CeilingJust to give you an idea of the attention to detail that has gone into Marina, this is one of the inset ceiling lights that is being trimmed out in gold. Even the overheads are rich and lustrous.


GDR 4 Detail
Here is the aft, port corner of the Grand Dining Room. You can see the room is already taking on a very elegant feel. The soft, cream-colored paneling is trimmed with gold filigree, and the insets have a wonderful flourish to them. You may also get a sense of the lofty ceiling heights of 14 to 16 feet.


Library wood panels detail 2

I don’t know who would’ve peeled back the protective covering on the paneling in the Library so that you could take a peek. Certainly not me!


Marina Crest
While not one of the features we tout to our guests, Marina’s ornate bow crest is a detail that Frank and I especially love.


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