OS Chandelier-2
I never knew how much fun it could be to pick out light fixtures until I got involved with designing a new cruise ship. (And you might be surprised how many cruise line executives it does take to pick out a light fixture.)  Above and below you see a teaser of what Marina will have to offer. Pictured is the chandelier that was just installed in one of the Owner’s Suites.

OS Chandelier-1

The entire process of designing Marina has certainly been a group effort, and I think each of us has considered the process a labor of love. Frank Del Rio especially has been involved every step of the way, and I’ve heard him actually refer to Marina as “our baby.” I remember when we were designing the pool bar, Frank envisioned a very specific shade of blue for the marble, and after a lengthy search, he found it. However, he was informed at the quarry that this particular shade and pattern only appears in very small amounts in each slab of marble. If they cut away all the other colors and patterns, they would eliminate 75% of the marble. So basically, it was going to cost four times what it would to simply use the standard sheet of marble. I’m guessing some lucky customer got a great deal on the greens and grays in the remaining marble, because for Marina, Frank took only the blue.

I’ll admit that this decision nearly sent our accountants into shock, but then you don’t build your first new cruise ship every day. Marina is special, and it’s only going to be the best of the best for “our baby.” Of course, the same holds true for her sister Riviera, as we wouldn’t want to play favorites.  Luckily, the ultimate benefactors of our overzealous “parenting” will be Oceania Cruises’ guests, and we are so excited to welcome guests onboard Marina in the very near future. In the meantime, keep checking the blog for updates on her progress, and feel free to hit the “Comments” button below if you’d like to share any questions or comments.  I always love to hear from our guests!




  1. We are very excited about taking the Maiden Voyage and plan to stay four days in Miami to reboard and experience the Inaugural Voyage too. We love our luxury and fun cruises on Oceania, which is why we’re on board four happy times a year.

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