DSC04401Few people have enjoyed the privilege of a view from the bridge as Regatta sails away from a port. Even the number of crew members allowed on the bridge is quite limited, as this is the center of the ship’s navigation and operations, and thus a place where all present must be intently focused on the task at hand. When departing Lisbon a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to sneak behind the scenes on Regatta’s bridge and capture some photos to share on the blog, thanks to the generosity and cooperation of Captain Jahn Rye (pictured above). It was a fascinating experience and a beautiful view.

A view of the bow from the bridge windowsDSC04357

A shot of the helmDSC04353

Many important instruments are used to navigate the ship, including of course, a compassDSC04359

Crewmen reel in the ropes that have secured us to the dock along the Tagus River (Rio Tejo)DSC04363


Captain Rye on the bridge deck portsideDSC04360

We move away from the dock and turn around to sail out the mouth of the riverDSC04372


General Manager Christian Krempl and a member of the crew on the starboard deckDSC04366

You can see all the way down to the water through the floors of the outer decks. Not a view for those with a fear of heights. DSC04391

We’ll soon sail under the 25th of April Bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril), named after the date of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal in 1974. (If you think the sailboat seems a bit close to the ship, you would be correct. It received a blast from Regatta’s horn!)DSC04384

As we pass underneath, note the resemblance to the Golden Gate Bridge. The American Bridge Company, who built this bridge in Lisbon, actually built San Francisco’s Bay Bridge and many other famous bridges.

DSC04386 Under Bridge 2 DSC04389 DSC04390

We can now see the pilot’s boat approaching. Pilot Boat Approach 2

In every port, a pilot boards the ship to assist in communications during our arrival and departure. Now that we are safely underway, the pilot dons his lifejacket and leaps onboard the boat that has come to retrieve him. Look closely at the photos below and you’ll see him emerge and hop aboard. DSC04407 DSC04408 DSC04409 DSC04410

Our pilot waves goodbye. DSC04415

One more shot of the lovely Lisbon coast. DSC04395

Captain Rye sees clear seas ahead. DSC04400

Now it’s back to the pool deck for the sail-away party! Thanks again, Captain Rye, for the glimpse behind the scenes!

DSC04426 DSC04420


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