Ms. Sheila Brohman shakes the hand of General Manager Christian Krempl as he presents her Oceania Club Gold Pin signifying her 15th cruise. Behind her Mr. Ken Reycraft waits to receive his Gold Pin as well.

While onboard Regatta this past week, it was such a treat to chat with guests who were on their fifth, tenth, and even fifteenth Oceania Cruise. Of course, I also enjoyed meeting several guests who were on their first voyage, but as this was the Oceania Club Reunion Cruise, the majority of the guests had traveled with us before. It was such a privilege to welcome these guests onboard again and to hear the stories of all their journeys with Oceania Cruises. Cocktail Shrimp Display
Captain Jahn Raye and myself hosted a cocktail party in the Regatta Lounge to show our appreciation for all of our Oceania Club members and to recognize those guests who have traveled with us many times. It was a festive affair with an ice sculpture, floral fruit carvings, champagne, and of course, great company.  

Pictured below are some of our guests who received their Bronze Oceania Club Pins commemorating their fifth cruise.

Belasco & Nirenblatt
Mr. Richard Belasco, Mrs. Susan Belasco, Mr. Norman Nirenblatt, Mrs. Rebecca  Nirenblatt

Mr. Glen Coverdale and Mrs. Linda Coverdale

Teron & Ferraro
Oceania Club Manager Nick DeSantis, Mr. William Teron, Mrs. Jean Teron, Mr. Richard Ferraro, Mrs. Wendy Ferraro

Tymkiw & Doherty
Mrs. Tamara Timkiw, Dr. Stephan Timkiw, Mr. Paul Doherty, Mrs. Nancy Doherty

We also had guests onboard celebrating another milestone. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Battaglia received their Silver Oceania Club Pins in honor of their tenth cruise. 

Anita Battaglia
Mrs. Anita Battaglia receives her Silver Pin from General Manager Christian Krempl while Social Hostess Kami Rodgers and Oceania Club Manager Nick DeSantis look on.

Battaglias with Bob and co
Myself, Mr. Robert Battaglia, General Manager Christian Krempl, Mrs. Anita Battalgia, Captain Jahn Rye, Oceania Club Manager Nick DeSantis

For our grand finale, Mr. Kenneth Reycraft and Ms. Sheila Brohman received their Gold Oceania Club Pins in recognition of their fifteenth cruise with us.  It was such an honor to have all of these guests onboard and to celebrate such memorable milestones with them. I look forward to my next opportunity to join one of our cruises and meet so many of our wonderful guests.

Ken Sheila Guests
Mr. and Mrs. William Teron pictured with Mr. Reycraft and Ms. Brohman





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