This past Friday, Marina took to the seas for the very first time under her own power and performed magnificently! Onboard, there were representatives from the shipyard along with our Marine and Techicnical teams who were measuring and evaluating hundreds of different items, systems and performance factors.

She cruised up to 22 knots without even trying, was able to spin a full 360 degrees in 40 seconds and there was virtually no vibration or noise. She is a very quiet, smooth ship and both the yard and our team are just thrilled with how she handles.

After spennding three days at sea, she returned to Genoa to undergo a routine drydocking.

Overall, the ship looks magnificent and is coming along very nicely. They are outfitting the suites, staterooms and public areas and the progress they are making is in incredible. Below are some great images from this past weekend, I hope you all enjoy them and they bring as much excitement to our blog fans as they did to our entire team!

Marina takes to the sea for the very first time

Marina September 24 036 med
The commanding view from the bridge

Marina September 24 046 med
The beautiful, terraced upper decks

Marina September 24 061 med
The expanse of open decks is very, very impressive. Lots of elbow room and places to sit in sun or shade.

Marina September 24 091 med resize
This is the deck outside Baristas and the Library. We are installing wind breaks and awnings to create a wonderful, alfresco coffee area.

Marina September 24 182 med
This area already has a very stately feel to it, I can not imagine how stunning it will look once the elevator fronts are done and the Lalique crystal is installed.

MarinaJacques 09 24 183 med
Jacques is already starting out as the favorite room of many. The charm and detailing of this space is unlike anything found at sea. Most of the antique elements such as the oak flooring which came from a century old French barn, or the 18th century console in the foyer have yet to be installed. C’est magnifique!

Marina September 24 295 med
This is the view from the top deck as we sailed back in to Genoa on Sunday. We’re looking forward from the area where the fitness track and croquet court are.

Marina September 24 316 med
Marina arrives in the Genoa drydock where the final outfitting work will be carried out.


  1. What a great view of my room for the upcoming voyage on January 3, 2012. Can’t hardly wait to walk out to my balcony and look over her bow and catch the beautiful sea views.

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