If you’ve traveled with Oceania Cruises before, you know
that making new friends is always a part of the Oceania Cruises experience. The
end of a cruise inevitably involves the exchange of contact information with
newfound friends, hoping that your paths will cross again in the near future.
Unfortunately, life ashore can be hectic, and it is often difficult to keep in
touch. So what better way to reunite with friends from past cruises than on the
Oceania Club Reunion Cruise? This year the Reunion Cruise departs from London
on September 16th and explores nearly a dozen fascinating ports throughout
France, Spain and Portugal before concluding in beautiful Monte Carlo.

I’m excited to announce that yours truly, Oceania Cruises’ Blogger-at-Large, is now booked on the Reunion Cruise! I’m eagerly looking forward to reuniting with friends from past
voyages as well as making new ones. There will be many opportunities to do so,
considering the special onboard events and the exclusive excursions exploring
destinations ashore. If you’ll be joining me in September, please introduce yourself here in the blog comments. I can’t wait to meet everyone onboard, and I look
forward to sharing the stories of our adventures.



  1. I’ll be there! Thanks so much for the invitation. Are you a group that has traveled together often, or perhaps travelers who met onboard Oceania that are reuniting? I look forward to meeting the group and getting to know everyone.


  2. We are a group that meet on line to do tours together. We are from all over the United States. All ages all different backgrounds. One thing in common is loving cruising on Oceania. This is our second year in a row on Oceania.
    You can check me and my better half at http://www.youtube.com/pbkramer4
    Make sure you find the place that says view all


  3. I of course share your love of Oceania Cruises, so we should all get along famously! I’ll look for you in front of the Grand Dining Room after muster.


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