Marina in dry dock in Genoa, Italy.

Inaugural Post By Bob Binder, President

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming debut of our new ship, Marina, we at Oceania Cruises have decided it is time to launch our blog, as the more I talk about all the exciting things happening at Oceania Cruises, the more I’m encouraged to share my thoughts online. Oceania Cruises now has Facebook and Twitter accounts, and it’s been wonderful to see guests, staff, travel agents, and others all sharing their experiences with us. The loyalty and passion of our followers has inspired me to engage in the conversation. As we launch our blog, it seems appropriate to remark on the launch of our new ship, Marina.

Bob Binder and Frank Del Rio enjoy the first toast onboard Marina.
Bob Binder and Frank Del Rio enjoy the first toast onboard Marina.

Several weeks ago members of the Oceania team visited the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy, where we celebrated the float-out ceremony for Marina. As Marina is the first ship built exclusively for Oceania Cruises, we have carefully attended to every detail of her design. From creating the ship’s overall structure and flow to selecting the perfect lamps for the staterooms and suites, it has been a fascinating process. I admit I got a little emotional watching the dry dock begin to fill and witnessing the ship touching water for the first time. It was amazing to see her emerge as such an incredible feat of architecture, and we all felt a bit like proud parents.

As if that weren’t enough excitement for the day, I had a surprise to share after the float-out ceremony. I was privileged to reveal the name of our next new ship – Riviera – and to announce that construction would begin very soon. Everyone was quite shocked when I clarified that “very soon” meant ten minutes from now! We all moved directly from the float-out ceremony for Marina to the steel-cutting ceremony for Riviera. Several of us signed our names in the first piece of steel to be cut and then watched as an enormous blade began the cutting process underwater. As our CEO Frank Del Rio commented, “There is only one thing that’s better than one new ship, and that’s TWO new ships.” It was a day of two huge milestones for Oceania Cruises and a day I won’t soon forget.

Today I am already back in Genoa for the laying of the keel of Riviera. It is amazing how quickly these ships evolve. While on our previous visit, Marina’s interior was a stark décor of steel and insulation, she is now coming together with the staterooms, restaurants, spas, and other beautiful spaces that will bring Marina to life. I will keep you updated here on the progress of both Marina and Riviera. Frank and I will share other Oceania news and anecdotes as well, and we’re looking forward to hearing from other members of our staff and crew. We’ll also follow the adventures of our Blogger at Large, Lisa Pancake Fossland. There is great excitement on the horizon for Oceania Cruises. I hope you will join us on our journey here, and taste the wonderful world of Oceania Cruises.

Bob Binder signs the first piece of steel cut for Riviera.
Bob Binder signs the first piece of steel cut for Riviera.

Members of the Oceania Cruises' team.
Members of the Oceania Cruises’ team celebrate the laying of the keel for Riviera.


  1. Congrats on the new blog and the keel laying from one of your most loyal travel agent partners…who has been booking your great cruise line from day one!

  2. A beautiful ship for your wonderful crew to serve on. Having just returned from fifty days on your Asia cruises I so look forward to sailing on your Riviera next year. As you know, it is not only the ship that makes the cruise but the crew and the people – you! – who stand behind them.

  3. Cheers! Congrats on the keel laying. Thanks for the staff picture. I am looking forward to your featuring each staff person. The staff is so important to me when I am making reservations by phone and I would like to see a mini portrait and something about each of them. Hello to Jeff and James.

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